Should I come early June and miss longer hours or later in June for night rides?

i have never been to cedar point and I’m staying at the breakers and will have 3 full days. These days will most likely be weekdays.

I’ve heard conflicting things about early June vs late June. Some people say first week of June is much less crowded which is awesome but then also say Ops are slower and Less trains.

But then later on you get to stay until 10 which is a big advantage imo. But if crowds are MUCH worse then that kind of cancels that out. NO holidays

For me I want to ride pretty much all coasters as much as possible and night rides sound amazing but the person I’m going with is leaning more towards early June. I will get fast lane either way if needed.

So what do you guys say early June first week or wait until the 17th where park is open to 10pm every night? Thanks

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If you are wanting to get night rides and are willing to spend the money on Fastlane, then seems like waiting for the days when the park is open until 10 pm is the smart play. Also if you're going on weekdays for three days, you should be able to get ample rides in.

Fishels -

I’m now looking at late august because of the TT2 closure. How bad is Friday in late august? People have told me that’s as bad as a weekend in June and July. Should I go earlier in the week or is Wed through Friday a pretty solid option?

Thanks everyone

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