Sept. 21-23 2007 Trip

Is anyone going to the park this weekend and staying out Hotel Breakers?

What I am hoping is that we can have a get together before or after the park closes on Friday at TGIF's at Hotel Breakers....

I'll also be there this weekend, but not staying at the Breakers....however, I'm hoping with Yom Kippur being on Saturday that might help with the crowds a 'lil....

Well my party is hoping to meet people that is going this weekend. Maybe we can meet at TGIF's before or after the park for a few rounds....

I am going to be there Sunday unless you guys give me a place to stay :)

Spontaneous trip with the girlfriend.

Well....I can't give you a room to stay because I have a lot of peeps with But does not mean we can't meet up...always looking for a party to get started.....

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I'll be there Friday, and most likely again on Sunday. I'll be at the Soak City/Resort entrance both days for early entry.

Would you let my girlfriend, and my self in on ERT Sunday :)

I remember Breakers let 6 people in...

I was joking about staying another night really. Thats just a pipe dream now with school and work :). My girlfriend already thinks im bat-**** insane for going a third time this year. Plus sleeping with strangers you meet over the internet in a hotel room sounds like a movie. Hostel 3: Shores of Erie or something...

Since we're driving up that morning, and coming back that night (Sunday); we won't have the time to make it to TGI Fridays / Daves on point for a lunch. But after the park closes we will be roaming the streets of Rt. 250 for a restaurant.

After the park closes is fine though for food. *** Edited 9/18/2007 9:02:46 PM UTC by factory81***

Well my room has 6 peeps in it already. However everyone comes to my room for the meeting place, grab a few drinks, snacks, maybe a game of Texas Hold'em, watch Michigan become 1-3, and head back to the park. I have a jacuzzi in the suite along with two balconies and a separate dining room. Usually we order out and bringing it back....

Enough about me...Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?

Ill be goin with 4 good friends from friday to saturday. First time makeing i out there for halloweekends. I have no idea what to espect. What rides will be closed and what will be open?! Keep an eye out for me ill be the one wearing a shirt covered in fake blood and a red flannel, longer hair, probably have a hat on. haha gotta get into character for the halloween season! All three people im going with have never been to cedar poin haha. they have no idea what theyre about to experience lol.

"Milk was a bad choice..."

Well you will notice me...something orange on like as in Tennessee Orange.....

Enough about me...Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?

My goal this Sunday ride wise is to hit up TTD at least twice. Power Tower rides every time we walk near it :)
I have yet to ride Demon Drop in and this will be my 4th time to CP so I think I have to try it finally.

But I will without a doubt be found probably doing consecutive Mag / / Skyhawk / Mav / MF rides.

Raptor just wasn't that fun the last time we were there even in front, and a few other seats. We rode the heck out of WT last time so we won't ride that but once maybe.

Only one day in the park I try and use my time efficiently here, but if the ride wait is short on anything big I will be there for sure.

I will probably bring homework even to read while in line....

We'll see what happens this Saturday (the only day I can go cuz the people I'm going with do NOT have Maxx Passes!! :(

But this makes me think about my trips to Six Flags Great Adventure this summer....despite whatever the crowd sizes were, I didn't care because of Flash Pass and everything was a near walk on!!

Further, no one cares that much about Kingda Ka there (with walk on's easily happening even for GP), but with TTD (which I agree is better) everyone always runs over to it when it's finally operating like it's such a big deal and the very long lines form! :(

Well how are the crowds?

They look steady on the web cam....

Busier than the last couple of Friday nights, but still not bad. Longest wait was 30 minutes for Dragster.

We are going to stay at Castaway Bay it seems tomorrow night. We will be in town about 7:00 PM and get to the park about 7:30.

I got it my way, which was an extra day :)

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