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For the past few days, the sky rides were not working. It wasn't windy and there were not whitecaps. Now today, the Rougarou is not working. And this is Memorial Day weekend, and the water park is not working. I see they moved the camera, so it doesn't show the Rougarou now too.

I thought the water park opened today?

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It is, and a cursory glance at the webcam shows the water park in what looks to be a fully (or nearly so) operational state.


Minus people. I don't know if I have ever seen it so empty. I know it is not a good day for a waterpark, but usually there are more than a few fools splashing around.

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Hey forrest, it’s ok.

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OP, have you thought about a name change to CameraHawk?

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Speaking of cameras and water park, someone posted a picture of the new entrance to the Wave Pool area. It seems to be completely roped off and guests are funnelled through one central gate to the "beach" area.

I am surprised that no eagle-eyed scofflaw with a cell-phone while on Magnum lift hill did not see this park safety improvement in progress and snap a picture.

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Yeah I saw this on CP Food Blog. I don't like this change at all. Is it a wave pool, or a detention center?

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