Season Pass Hotel Perk and Breakers expansion

Two questions: Is the newest expansion for Breakers done or expected to be done for early 2018?

Is buying a single season pass worth it for the Breakers discount if my family only goes for one 3-day, 2 night trip? Will be getting a suite at Breakers for 2 nights but may not get back to the Point the rest of the season.

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Do you live near any other Cedar Fair parks? Such as Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Dorney, Carowinds, Knott's or Worlds of Fun? If you get a Platinum Pass you can use it at those parks as well.

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The discount for pass holders was around $30/night if memory serves.

Tickets alone will set you back around $150 (two full-day plus one evening ticket), so you would come close to breaking even (maybe a little ahead), before using your pass for 10% discounts on food and souvenirs.

It would be close, but as XS points out, there's no guarantee Breakers will have discounted rooms available for the time you plan to visit.

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It is scheduled to open for the 2018 season.

There’s no way to answer your other question.

The park has been removing resort properties from the discount list the last few years.

Breakers seems to reappear when they need to fill some rooms, but is quickly removed when inventory is low.

Wait to buy your pass until any deals may become available if they do.

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