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This is my first year with platinum passes and I had a question about the season drink passes. On the website, season meal plans are split into gold and platinum versions and are priced accordingly due to the ability to use the latter at all parks. For the drink passes though, it isn't as clear. If I add a season drink pass (cup version) at Cedar Point, to my Platinum pass (purchased at Carowinds) would the drink pass work at all parks, or just Cedar Point? I'm hitting CP Thursday and Friday for CoasterMania, and spending a few days at Kings Island on my way home.

Also... same question for season long FunPix... is that valid for one park or for all of the parks if I have a platinum pass?


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The drink plan works at all Cedar Fair parks. At least, it did last year when I went on my 11 parks in 12 days trip with a friend, which included most of the Cedar Fair parks.

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They work (drinking pass and Funpix) at all Cedar Fair parks. Got a lot of mileage out of the Funpix when our kids were still tiny and getting their first coaster experiences across the chain.

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I usually do the souvenir bottles because I can just clip it onto my drawstring bag. But yes, if you have the platinum pass, it will work at all Cedar Fair parks for the drink plan and same for the funpix

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One important caveat with the Funpix. It will work at at other CF parks if only if they have Funpix as the photo vendor for that park. I.E Dorney uses Fun Photo (with like all things Dorney is probably a knock-off/ hand-me-down), so it does not work there. KI and Wonderland had Funpix and it worked there no issues.

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I wonder if they're getting any closer to installing an automated drink process like other parks have. Will the staffing issues eventually make this worth it? It seems like so far they've decided that just not opening locations is cheaper.

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