Sawmill Creek

Just wondering if anyone has been to SC since the reopening?

Looking to visit and take the ole lady based off the look of thr pool complex and cabanas. I know everywhere else I've visited, cabanas are an upcharge, but when I called SC in addition to the CP info line, everyone kept saying "we don't see pricing, so we think they are free", which I doubt, but wondered if anyone could verify?


I took a drive around the property a couple times, but didn't actually stay there. It's very beautiful! Sorry nobody else answered your question on here.

I'm back! Still the biggest Rougarou fan you'll ever meet. ;)

We stayed at Sawmill for 2 nights a couple of weeks ago and loved it. The cabanas appeared to be free, but it rained sporadically while we were there, so the pool area was not getting much use. We had a great weekend in spite of the rain. Let me know if you have more questions about Sawmill.

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