Sat 9/7/19 : Is CP parking now always this bad on Saturdays?

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The far left tollbooth only directs you to merge to the right in the afternoons. In the mornings and into the early/mid afternoons, you can go straight through to the resorts/water park and marina. The reason they make you merge left in the late afternoons is that they have changed their traffic flow patterns to allow for a more efficient exit of the park. The cones are set up in a way to allow you to exit better from the main lot without having to worry about cross traffic moving through. If they didn't do this, the backup from the main lot would be longer not to speak of the higher risk of accidents.

Ive towed a 40' 5th wheel toy hauler through the left tollbooth and never once had an issue with maneuvering around. Its nothing different than turning on any 2 lane road.

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Considering afternoons is check-in time for the resorts, its logical that is when the most amount of traffic is heading to the resort area. These vehicles merge to the left in the three lanes inbound on the causeway which is designated for resorts with signage along the causeway and on reader-board over the booths, then only to be redirected into traffic from the other lanes they just managed to merge out of. That is simply unnecessary confusion and added congestion on the road.

The idea to facilitate exiting at that time which is reduced to one lane out on the causeway and at a time of day when there is unlikely to be a high demand for exit traffic (otherwise there would be more than one outbound lane), just does not work logically either.

And as far as turning onto a two lane road, it is not a standard two lane road when the traffic cones reduce it to one lane. Turning an oversize vehicle on to one lane traffic on perimeter is nothing like turning onto a regular two lane road where you could veer into oncoming lane to avoid light poles, concrete barriers and wood fencing that line perimeter road all the while trying to keep vehicle steady from potholes and missing/uneven pavement.

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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