Sandcastle construction area video

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LOL is that you waving at the end?

Thanks for these. Doesn't seem like the new fancier RV sites should be up for use by Memorial Day, but stranger things have happened.

There was a lot of wasted space in the old Sandcastle Suites area, huge lawns, not to mention the huge beach expanse up there. I don't think they're placing another hotel here but one built along the very back, straight edge of the island right along the water's edge would have perfect lake views in every room, and space for a promenade deck affair on the ground level beside the water with dining. Maybe have the ground level open to increase parking space, if security isn't an issue.

I saw a "Rollercoaster Hotel" design ages ago somewhere, just a render but the hotel building had an undulating roofline, composed of terraces for individual rooms, which resembled the hills of a rollercoaster. Looked very cool and would fit the northern end of the Point perfectly. I wonder if any space is left over for any Point expansion after the RV sites are done? The only render I've found says probably not.

Is Breakwater gone too?

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Breakwater is gone. And there is still a lot of space from where the hotel used to be, in addition to the still existing parking from Sandcastle.

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Anyone else wonder what will happen with the Sandcastle area? I see a new resort opening there next summer hopefully with some beach access and maybe a new restaurant or two. They have the potential to make that area just like Breakers.

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Considering there hasnt been any activity on the site, I dont see a new resort there next year. Long term, yes but not for 2019.

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Hopefully whatever goes there will be a lot nicer than Breakers.

But no, it certainly won't be next year. It took them the better part of two years to build Breakers' expansion, so it would take at least that long for a new resort back there.



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