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Is, or will there be, a macintosh version of RCT?

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I would have to say that its all in the hands of Microprose and Hasbro. I don't remember ever seeing a Macintosh version of any of there games.
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Unfortunately, no. RCT is very dependent on the Windows DirectX architecture, so it probably won't happen. I've seen it on SoftWindows and Virtual PC... forget it, it's too slow.

Kind of a bummer, because I can't play work! ;)
Are they ever comming out with this game for the sony playstation? Just wanted to know if anyone heard anything! I would much rather play it on my 32 inch tv, the a computer screen! thanks for any input
Yea it would be cool on consoles because it wouldnt matter the speed of your computer. It would be kind of frusterating without a mouse though!
Kind of off topic (sorry), but does anyone know of a trainer for the expansion pack? The original trainer doesn't work once you install the expansion pack.

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There was some talk about it over in the CoasterBuzz RCT forum...

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Okay i checked with some stores and they say it will be coming out in Feb. (for the playstation, that is)

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