Riding with 1 adult and 2 children

We are planning a trip in mid June and it will be me and my 7 and 9 yo children. (Both will be 50")

Will there be any hassles with the 3 of us riding together on any of the rides or coasters? Thanks.

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Depends on what you mean by riding together. If you mean riding in the same row of a coaster together, that is only possible on a select number of coasters (such as Raptor, Valravn and Rougarou -- though those are 54", 52" and 54" height requirement rides so I am not sure if your kids are tall enough). You can also ride in the same row on Gatekeeper though you will be separated by the track/train (52" height requirement). Pipe Scream is technically listed as a coaster which allows for 6 people per row (48"). Other coasters will be 2 riders per row. You can ride together on the same train on those though. So if you mean riding on the same train but not necessarily in the same row, that will work for most rides.

Skyhawk, MaxAir and Power Tower allow for 3 riders together next to each other. MaxAir and Power Tower have 52" height requirement though. Super Himalaya allows for 3 people in the same car/row. I am sure there are others just listing those off the top of my head.

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