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Does anyone know where I can get a counter for my son to track his coaster rides? I have checked at Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods. The best I have found is a golf stroke counter. Not exactly what I had in mind for him but I guess it would work. I am hoping to do better.

Any suggestions?

I'm testing my memory here...Was it GTTP that used to have "Point Place?" I know I used to go to a site that had an area with that name and a ride counter there. I go to so many CP sites, I may have the wrong one. Plus, when I tried signing up PP was not available. Either way, maybe Jeff or Walt will hook us up with one here. (hint, hint)

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Is this what you are talking about?

I bought mine about 3 years ago in the Meijer sporting goods department on rte 250 in Sandusky. I've also found them at various Wal-marts in the Cleveland area.

Officemax and Staples have them, but they aren't cheap.


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The best thing to use is a baseball pitch counter. It goes up to 9,999.

Not the ones umpires use. The one im talking about should have 1 button and 4 number wheel things. *** Edited 11/14/2004 4:19:39 PM UTC by rathofdoom***

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Buy him a ride tally counter and then everyone will make fun of him the way we used to make fun of Dan. We actually like Dan, though, so if your kid is unlikeable, he might get stuffed in a locker. Be careful what you create.

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Tally counters were all the rage 5 years ago when i was the only one who had one. :)


Dan you should sell yours on ebay, I'm sure some weirdo would buy it!

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He's got a point there Dan.

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I brought my counter to work this year, and it got some interesting reactions, until I loaned it to my crew, who broke it. :(


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There are a bunch of online ones you can just update them all the time, plus you can get all the ride names in and all. Avalanche Sam: It was a pleasure riding ejector seat with you saturday before closeing ;)

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