Resort in-room TV's & AV connections - specifically the Lighthouse Point Cabins

I've made reservations for a Lighthouse Point 'Standard Cabin' which has a 32" LCD TV in the living space. I'm interested in connecting my own game console and/or computer to this TV for the purpose of watching some movie favorites before visiting the park on the following day.

My question: Has anyone here attempted this? was it a successful effort? and if it was not, why?

I did use the chat system on the CP resorts website to ask this question, and the answer which the operator gave me was "Unfortunately, No." I suspect that this answer may have been given because they don't want to promise that whatever I try to hook up will work. On the other hand, past experiences have taught me that hotel chains go to great lengths to PREVENT guests from using TVs with their own sources. I suspect the motivation for this behavior is to increase revenue from pay-per-view content. Common things I have seen is TV firmware has been modified to disable all inputs except for coaxial, and/or remote control IR command filtering to prevent switching inputs. Also have seen tamper resistant connections to prevent a guest from connecting with an RF modulator.

In any case I will bring my own TV and audio system if needed. And a related side question the cabins appear to be situated fairly close together, how loud can music be played before it might bother surrounding guests?

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I'm currently staying in the Breakers tower. The TV is an LG that has one HDMI, one VGA, and one composite input.

Also, the remote is the standard LG remote that has input selection controls, unlike a lot of other hotels that have a 3rd party proprietary system remote.

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So we ended up upgrading to the deluxe cabin so my own answer pertains to the 42" LG TV in the living room of the deluxe cabin (Lighthouse Point).

The standard LG remote for the TV was provided, and switching inputs was allowed. Our XBOX 360 and laptop connected to the TV over HDMI, and worked very well.

We also plugged a USB flash drive containing a movie avi file, which the TV recognized and played without any problems.

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We've brought our PS4 to watch movies and play games during any rain at Hotel Breakers. So I know they do have an HDMI input. I wouldn't think the tvs are any different there, but we haven't stayed at LHP so I'm not completely sure.

I used to always bring my N64 to the cabin for some post-park GoldenEye tournaments. I'm not sure how much the tvs have been updated since 2010 though.

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