Remember the hippo in Kiddy Kingdom?

I noticed in the last couple of years that it was gone. I hope they don't remove the big giraffe that is near the Park Operations office.
Yes, I remember it. I was told it was taken out because it was getting abused and tripped over the concrete that was around it..I hope thaey don't take the giraffe out either..which it gets abused and climbed on a lot..hehe

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That's not a giraffe.. it's a space alien...

Look at the eyes...

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The Hippo is ontop of my computer desk next to the Schwabinchen girl!

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yep, I remember that hippo, I remember a crew member dropping his pants and putting his butt in the hippos mouth.. There is a picture of it someplace........
Isn't it in the downtown area with the Xmas decorations? I thought that was the same one?

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People would never find the park operations office if they took out the giraffe. It's what we use to tell people how to find the door to the office.

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Then I think they should take out so they can't find it. lol Just kiddin.

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Yeah, I do remember the hippo, but I didn't notice that it was gone (can you tell I'm not in Kiddie Kingdom all that much?). I agree, however, that they won't take out the giraffe based on that's how they instruct employees to give directions to the Park Operations office for measuring, special access, etc. Plus, a lot of families will tend to use it as a meeting place as well.

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I hate to bring this old thread up, but I've been driving past the motel in Sandusky near the Kalahari with the statues of the bear, hippo, and dinosaur out front. I found a site saying that the dinosaur may have come from a Sinclair gas station and the bear and hippo from a mini golf, but is it the same hippo from Kiddie Kingdom? It's driving me crazy and if not then does anyone know where the hippo is today?

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*The motel is the Magnuson Sandusky by the way. The statues are next to a cemetery entrance out front.

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I think I have a photo of my brother on top of that hippo. I haven't seen the one outside the motel to compare.

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Since they still have the giraffe I'm guessing the hippo may be in storage somewhere too waiting for a chance to be useful.

^^^ If you have a pic of that hippo, you can post it to photobucket and link it here, I'd be happy to help you out. If not, I'll be in that area probably tomorrow (by the motel) and will check it out and compare it for you. CP's hippos had a big open mouth (wrinkled looking skin in the middle), light blue bodies, and two teeth on top and two teeth on bottom of their mouths. I'll try and take a pic of the hotel one.

I have a pic from that area (being currently processed from an old slide) of Kiddieland back in the 1970's.

There were in fact 2 hippos and 2 giraffes in the area that the kiddie ride Rock, Spin, and Turn is currently in.

I was sad when the park took them out years ago. I know the one giraffe makes his/her? appearance during Halloweekends across from the Peanuts 500 ride. Where are the other 3 animals? It's possible you might have found one of them. I'll let you know Monday.

EDIT: went to CP late Saturday PM (too dark when I left), and I won't make it there on Sunday but will post my photobucket pic on Monday for you to compare if you can go back to that motel to get a pic of theirs.

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Nevermind. Misread.

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Ok thanks! Just tell me when you post it!:)

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Well, here's my pic from the 1970's showing both of the blue hippos in Kiddieland. (sorry bout' the bands).

Now, you'll have to get back to that hotel, take a pic and post it here to compare?, and compare with what you see here. Let us know if the hotel one is the same (maybe repainted later on?) , I'm curious if you found one of these. Good luck!!

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I hate to hash up an old thread again, but since it's Christmas in July I figured this was appropriate. Kiddie Kingdom's old hippo's can be found in downtown Sandusky each December, just outside of Santa's place.

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Thanks for both photos guys! Nice to see that both hippos stuck around town somewhere!

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