re-connect w/alumni from '94-'97?

I'd love to re-connect w/old co-workers/alumni from 1994-97 this upcoming Summer 2012.

I live in the Toledo area & get a Platinum Pass each year to CP. I usually can be found there once or twice a week. If not 'in' the park, I go to Soak City or head to the Sunset Cruises downtown on Tuesday nights in July & August on the Goodtime I.

I was @ Berenstain Bear Country- "Papa Bear", Front Desk Housing Sup- Cedars/ Front Desk- Breakers.

Hi Ryan, anyone out there want to try again this year? Is there any official Alumni days?

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Hi, everyone!

The Cedar Point Employee Alumni Association is planning some events at Cedar Point for next summer (2014), including an employee reunion. We are also working with Cedar Point to offer discounted tickets for alumni.

We are a non-profit organization that is not owned/operated by Cedar Point, but we are officially recognized by the park.

If you'd like to stay in touch with what we're planning or get in touch with other alumni, you can "Like" our Facebook page ( and follow us on Twitter (@cedarpointalumn). An official website for our organization will launch later this fall.

Hope to see you at the reunion next summer!

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Cedar Point Employee Alumni Association

Twitter: @cedarpointalumn

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