Raptor: New Lighting Package?

I like to randomly pop onto the Cams at night for a few seconds every now and then this offseason, hoping I might catch something. It is always just the same off season lighting with mostly darkness otherwise. Not tonight. Saw this blinding green run of lights in the shape of the raptor hill on Camera 1. The light is so intense you can see the bleed from it on the right corner of the shot I have of Camera 2.

Maybe I missed Tony or CP announce this, or it's always been this bright and I'm crazy, but I don't think so.


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I dont remember seeing lighting like that on Raptor before. Maybe I just didnt notice before, but it sure looks different to me also. Its so bright it lights the ground below it.

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It's new. It's being discussed in a different thread

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Yeh, I just saw it in the raptor ttd paint thread. I read from the top and saw this first, lol!

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Hopefully Valravn's lighting package can compare. And also, I heard rumors that there is still more lighting to be added to Raptor. Is this true? Or has nothing been announced yet?

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That is a very cool lighting improvement. Raptor only ever had static flood lighting on its lift hill, so making it a bright green is a nice addition.

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Some green lasers would be cool... I have a feeling the Valravn lighting will look like Gatekeeper

Raptor's cobra roll is so iconic. I would not be surprised at all if they light it up or do something fancy with it once they stop driving Valravn equipment over that area. Esp. with a path going in between it and Valravn.

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I'm all for the return of the strobe lights on the cobra roll.

Maybe your wish will come true.

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When was thier ever strobe lights on the cobra roll?

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Were the strobe lights removed? I haven't paid attention.That was my favorite part. I remember especially driving Cadillac Cars and watching the strobe lights.

I believe they were removed a few years ago. I thought it was a cool element at night time

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