Raptor and Blue Streak down today?

They are not running at all.

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Question asked and answered. You win the Most Efficient Post Award today. 🥳

That doesn't the ride itself is down. I thought there could be another reason like staffing or the heat. Thanks for making me feel sorry that I posted anything.

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Oh lighten up friend. It certainly could be one of those reasons or something completely different but unless there is something we can visibly see (like a broken lift chain) we will likely never know the reason as the park rarely comments on down rides.

Getting a little worried about ride closures and lines for the other ides as we have a family trip coming up this week staying at Breakers and spending a good chunk of change. if several rides are down certainly will affect our once a year experience.

Raptor was up tonight.


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I wouldn’t worry about it much. The only ride with major issues is Gatekeeper. All the rest are just going through their normal hiccups. It is completely normal to have at least 2 coasters down at any given time of day.

Ride lines will be a problem without FLP or inclement weather.

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I was at the park since around 2:00 PM today, and Blue Streak and Raptor were open.

Also happy to report that Valravn was open.

Sky Ride opened up around 6:00.

Dragster opened up after some rain, then went down, then opened up, then went down again, then opened up.

All bathrooms were open, although some stall number 5 was out of toilet paper in the bathroom across from petting zoo.

Speaking of petting zoo, the sheep were open.

Town Hall still closed.

Mine Ride was open all day.

SkyHawk was running both arms today.

Maverick ran all trains starting around 4:00 PM.

There were seagulls everywhere. I mean everywhere.

One worker at the Last Chance Saloon said it was only his second day on the job, and appeared to be in a great mood.

It rained three times today while at the park. Wunderground forecast has said "partly cloudy". Hmm.

Parade started late; around 8:58 PM. Really worried about this trend in starting the parade later than posted 8:45 PM start.

Thirsty Pony was PACKED at 11:00 PM!

Millennium was open.

Wicked Twister still only ran one train all day.

Wheels seem to be installed correctly on most coasters this year.

Is any of this helpful?

On a serious note to Master D: Today was a pretty busy day, and the park was humming on all cylinders. As Cargo mentioned above, Gatekeeper is still down for the count, but that was the only missing "big ride" in the lineup today. About 30 minute waits for all the major players (25 minutes for Steel Vengeance) with FLP; manageable lines without.

And Blue Streak and Raptor were both open today.

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Kevinj said:

Speaking of petting zoo, the sheep were open.

I'm sure they glad you noticed ;)

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Kevin how were the F&B lines? Heard from unreliable sources drink lines were 45 minutes which didn’t square with my experience last week, though the weather could have contributed by putting more people out on the midways.

Kevinj said:

About 30 minute waits for all the major players (25 minutes for Steel Vengeance) with FLP; manageable lines without.

I am curious what "manageable" means for the regular lines if the FLP was 30 minutes. In my mind 30 minutes is barely manageable for a line.

We were at the park yesterday from basically open-close. Several coasters were down due to high winds from morning to early afternoon: TTD was not running, Raptor had a "delayed due to weather conditions sign" at the main entrance, etc. No clue what was up with blue streak as we did not stop over there. We proceeded with our plan and hit MF first which seemed to open basically right at regular park opening as we were walking toward it. The regular queue started in the first switchback before the ramp. Probably 30 minutes or less- we waited all of 20 minutes with FLP. It was very windy at the top of the lift (not surprising given the conditions on the ground). Sometime shortly after we got off and headed to the back of the park, the wait time quickly swelled to an hour+.

Hit Maverick and SV next. (Quite windy at the top of SV as well). I'll post more later but right around 2:30 or so, the first storm moved in with a heavy downpour that we waited out under cover at a food stand. There looked to be a break around 3:10-3:15 or so which came right on schedule. The wind speed decreased substantially after this first front moved through and after that, more rides started to open more consistently. (Raptor ran from around this time onward I think)

We then headed toward the front of the park and I noticed the dragster crew moving around the station. Seemed like they were getting ready to start testing. We kept walking a little further then ended up doubling back. From afar I noticed the switch track was moving and I think they had just put a 5th train on the track (they still run 5 with one sitting on the transfer track, correct?). I was pretty sure testing would commence very soon. So did a gigantic line of people stretching from the entrance of the ride back past the station. After a really brief few minute misting shower, the ride started testing and the line opened and started gradually loading cars after each lap. We were on and off in about 35-40 minutes from when we started waiting in the line (again this was with FLP).

There was high humidity all day and the park was definitely crowded. Longest FL/+ lines I've seen personally- I got spoiled on a visit a couple years ago (in early August!) where Valravn was a complete walk on with FL, Raptor was probably a walk on too, etc. Early merging lines were similar waits to this time though. I noticed regular line waits for some of the "big 4" anywhere from 60 minutes to 105 or 110 minutes, maybe about 2 hours max.

EDIT- definitely noticed some long-looking F&B lines. Can't attest to the actual duration of most but we waited about 15-20 minutes right around lunchtime at the chicken stand in the back by Mav. I was overall impressed with park operations from rides to food. It was a busy day even with the storms.

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Well, as long as the sky ride is open then.

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I was there Saturday around 3PM Here is what I witnessed on the signs checking out the queue. Park was Moderately busy.

’A List’
SV-2 Hours (Queue was nearly full but they were flying)
Valravn - 90 Min
Maverick 90 Min
Raptor 45 Min
MF 30 Min (Great crew!)
Magnum – 10-Min (Running in 1989 Mode, dispatching most times on the ready)

‘B List'
Gemini 45 Min – Nearly Full queue, wait might have been longer. Really bad 4-5 Minute intervals.
Mine Ride 45- Line was overflowing into midway.
Iron Dragon-30 Min (Looked about right)
Corkscrew- Listed 45 might have looked more like 25-30
Blue Streak 45 (didn’t check queue)
WT 15 Minutes (Fast dispatches)

Felt the 'A list' rides were manageable for a busy park with no FL. Crews were moving fast and were well staffed.

B list' needs work. 20 years ago those would likely all be less than 15 Minutes waits based on the crowd size. Yeah they have less trains on the old Arrows, but really feel if the park is at all busy they need to go back to having 2 on load and 2 unload on most of them. Maybe 3 and 3 on Mine Ride and have a 3rd train as an option on busy days. (They updated the system to run 3 in early 2000's using the 2nd lift as the extra stopping block. I'd imagine it could still run it) Gemini is fine with 2 trains each, but really needs something done operationally.

Food operations were the best I've ever seen at CP. Pretty much no waits for anything. Refresh stands were all open with at most a few people in line. The one freestyle started to get a 5 or so people lines up behind me, and they called out an extra worker to help with the line!

No line at Happy Fryer. Was in and out of Corral in less than 3 minutes. Both sides open. with 3 people on the line and 2 cashiers.

Bottom line.. asides from a few rides they are handling the crowds well.

Gemini 100- 6/11/01

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Cargo Shorts said:

Kevin how were the F&B lines?

They were definitely not 45 minutes, except maybe hit/miss locations after the rain (there were about 2/3 quick hitters with regards to rain).

Everything Joe E. just said above. This is our second day here, and I can honestly say I've never been more impressed with 1) the food service, and 2) the food quality. I'll have a lot more to say (I know you just can't wait!) in a trip report once we get back, but we have another day to go tomorrow.

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