Rain on Thursday

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I've been itching to ride Steel Vengeance all summer and last month I booked a flight for tomorrow so I'd be able to hit Cedar Point on Thursday. However, I've been keeping an eye on the weather forecast and it's looking like there will be thunderstorms pretty much all day Thursday. My flight home is on Friday evening, but Friday's weather is looking a lot better, so my other option would be to go on Friday and leave the park at around 4 pm to get back to the airport. I've been to parks on rainy days and seen the crowds disperse, making for shorter lines, but I'm also aware that prolonged thunderstorms could shut down the rides for a good portion of the day. Since this is my one amusement park day of the year, I'd like to get in as many rides as possible. Which day do you think I should go to the park? I probably won't make a decision until the last second, but I'm open to any suggestions. At the end of the day, my trip will be worth it if I can catch a ride on Steel Vengeance.

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Are you able to go both days? A two-day pass is around $75, and you could use that as a safety net. That way if things don't work out on Thursday, you can try again on Friday during the day.

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Thanks everyone for your input—much appreciated. Unfortunately I won't be able to go both days as I am staying with family and the drive to the park from their house is a good 90 minutes. Otherwise, the two-day ticket would definitely be my best option.

@XS NightClub, has the park been known to offer rain checks like that in the past?


Don’t mistake what he said for a raincheck. There is no such thing, ever. I think what he meant was there’s a second day offer you can pick up, but at a charge. I’m not sure how much, but it’s likely the difference in what you paid and the posted rate for a two day visit. You can do this rain or shine. Hold on to your receipt from day one.
Disclaimer: occasionally a park will offer come back tickets as you exit, but that’s in the event of a cataclysmic event, like no water or electricity. (Which has happened). But that will not be the case for just a rainy Thursday.

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Gotcha. I did see on their website that they don't offer rain checks, so I appreciate the clarification.

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XS NightClub -

Thursday. And if its a wash and you want to come back Friday the park will let you upgrade your ticket. Hold on to your receipt.

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For anyone wondering, I did end up going on Thursday and it turned out to be an amazing day at the park. Hardly anyone there and 70s the whole day. It sprinkled maybe twice but no full on rain or storms, so everything remained open. I got five rides on Steel Vengeance, which is easily my new favorite coaster.

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