Quiet Area to replace Frontier Trail

With the loss of the Trail's serenity, might it make sense for CP to consider making the Oceana Midway area a 'quiet area'?

Let's assume that two rumors have validity - the boardwalk project, and the consolidation of the kid's rides into one area.

You now have ample room in the space from Kiddy Kingdom over to Macaroni's where you could plant a few trees, have some shade, and be away from the coaster noises. You'd still have the Giant Wheel, but that wouldn't disrupt the stillness any more than it did at the head of the Trail.

The boardwalk would be far enough away that those sounds wouldn't interfere either. Ever been a block away from the boardwalk in Ocean City? No ancillary noise, especially if you have buildings that face that beach.

I don't expect this to occur, but I'm merely speculating. Thoughts?
Duane Cahill
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I think that the trees will buffer the sound quite nicely, and you won't hear MF anymore that you will Mantis. I can't predict the future, but that's my assessment.

Webmaster/Guide to The Point
Who says the serenity of Frontier trail will be lost, I think Frontier trail stands to gain from MF. Just think how boring the walk would be from the Magnus entrance to Sand Castles without the Magnum. I see epole all the time just sitting and watching the magnum run. I think MF will act as a huge frame for the trail and thus make it a more exciting space.
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But 'exciting' isn't the purpose of the Trail. Remember that the Trail's original intent was to be quite footpath connecting the main midway to Frontier Town. Along the way, guests would encounter shops and displays.

The one thing we forget is that not all CP guests are coaster nuts/adreneline(sp) junkies.

Scott W. Short
I agree with Bob Dole.
I agree with Shivering.
When I and the fellow pet farmers heard about the new rollercoaster, we were all less than thrilled, for the reasons of them tearing down the beautiful trees by our barn and the prospected 'noise pollution' and possible disturbance for the animals of a rollercoaster overhead. But I now feel it'll just be something to get used to, and in comparison to other areas of the park, it'll most likely still be the quietest area of the park. At least they are not getting rid of the farm, and the shops. But I agree with both Bob Dole and Shivering Tim.
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I've never seen SROS at Darien, but from what people have told me, the Intamin trains run very quiet, much quieter than a typical B&M. That, and the fact that most of the time the ride will be high up, should mean that the trail will still be peaceful. Time will tell, but I think the trail will be fine. *** This post was edit by Pete on 12/7/99. ***

Frontier Trail along with the new coaster is not done yet, lets wait and see what is done to it before we get all worked up. Maybe they will add trees or something to still keep the feel
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Pete is right the Inatmin trains are very quiet. You will hear more screaming then the trains. Then with the addition of the special anti-rollbacks on the trains the lift will be very, very quiet. Ever walk past Raptor on a windy day when its down to wind. The front of the park is so quiet with the exception of Demon Drop. My favorite area to walk and take a break is the beach. I usually start at the gate by Ocean Motion, work my way past breakers, over the Magnum's tunrnaround, then around to Sand Castle, through Camper Village, then walk over to the resort gate to ride Magnum. The problem with that is only about 20% of the walk is in the shade.
Daniel J. Haverlock
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Is it May yet?
I think The MF caves will really help the effect of the Frontier Town because they sort of look like mountains. As for they screaming, only time will tell.
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"The one thing we forget is that not all CP guests are coaster nuts/adreneline(sp) junkies."


*** This post was edit by Gemini on 12/8/99. ***

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