Question about platinum pass price later in season

Can anyone tell if the price for a platinum season pass changes later in the season?

Were planning to do a road trip (from EU) starting in august visiting several Cedar Fair parks so a platinum pass is the obvious choice. Were planning the start of your road trip in Toronto and are getting our passes from Canadas Wonderland.

Seeing as the price is now $216. Will this change later in the season? When is it smart for us to buy a pass.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

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So youre saying the price will be higher when i decide to buy it in August. That seems weird.

Shane Denmark -

Yep. They see it as July & August are their busiest seasons so they charge more. I see what you’re thinking, they should charge more in May & June as there is more season left to use the Pass. But that’s not how they work it.

The smartest time to buy was last fall! The longer you wait, the higher the price...

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Yes, the price will change. It will cost more if you wait later. The sooner you get it, the better.

Shane is absolutely price is/was last fall. always cheapest when bought during Halloweekends for the following season.

...And they can count as as AWESOME Christmas gift. We always stick them on the tree in very old, yellowed CP/Snoopy Christmas envelopes that CP used to hand out. Passes wouldn't be the same without the envelopes that Santa brings every year.

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