Question about August trip. End of August vs middle

I’ve heard the very last two weeks of August are great cause kids are back to school or are at least going back. But that has the caveat of closing at 8pm and people have said there’s less staff.

But I really want to have the extra operating hours when it stays open unit 10pm. Coming the 12-17 is the last time it stays open for a full week until 10. I wouldn’t be staying the whole week it would either be Monday through Wednesday or Wednesday through Friday. With me spending 4 nights at breakers.

How much more significant is the crowd during that week vs the very end of August? Like if we are talking twice the wait times I’d rather have less hours of course. Also are boardwalk nights a really big draw? Any feedback would be very appreciated.

I am currently scheduled to go June 16-19 pending on the reopening of TT2. How does that compare to dates mentioned in August if anyway. Also will buy fast lane if I have to do so

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I'd echo what J said. If it's in budget to get Fastlane, then I'd say shoot for the early August rebooking and take advantage of the longer hours. Since TT2 is very very likely not opening in June, August is a much safer bet for it being open. Obviously, it's impossible to predict things and anything could happen with the ride, even after it reopens. But I would say that early August is the safest bet to reschedule things and for TT2 to be open.

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Thank you. Can I ask if you feel like the difference in crowds middle august vs last week in August is BIG? What’s your take on that

If you are planning on buying a Fast Lane then I would not worry about the difference in crowd levels. To me the extra hours at night are worth it if for nothing else than to simply see the park lit up, being able to experience a few rides at night is a bonus as well.

I can say that in general Tuesdays and Wednesdays are less crowded no matter the time of year. That being said I have also been there in the middle of the week and the lot was nearly full. There are always exceptions to everything but in this case my opinion is to go during the longer operating hours. If you find the park to busy you can get the Fast Lane which will effectively cancel out the potentially larger crowds.

Fishels -

Thanks for your reply! Hoping to get more answers as I’m very conflicted. Stressing

have June booked already so will likely need to change it soon

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