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For 2021, I had a gold pass with the dining plan and season pass fast lane.

For 2022 I bought a platinum pass with the dining plan and season pass fast lane.

On the Cedar Point app, I loaded them onto the app. Pass still says gold...maybe because I have to wait until later in the off-season. Add-ons are good.

I added pass to Kings Island on the app and it says platinum. I tried to add the add-ons and it says problem doing it. Is this impossible or even necessary? Will Kings Island accept ticket if it is on the Cedar Point app? I could call Cedar Point ticket office but I am sure there is a user on the forum who can answer the question quickly. Thanks

I was in line behind a couple who was going from Gold to Platinum. They noticed the pass still said Gold and it was explained to them it didn’t matter and they system will always recognize them as Platinum. And that would’ve been fine with them except they wanted their 150 Anniv Gold Pass for their memory book, so they had to persist with the request for a new pass.
I’d say keep track of your transaction for safety’s sake then make changes at the park if you need to.
If I’m wrong don’t be mad.

Weird flex, bro.


To the OP, a Cedar Point Gold Pass cannot be entered into the Kings Island app so the fact that yours did means all is well. I know from experience because I was entering my family's Platinum passes to the KI app last year and was dumbfounded when I kept getting an error on attempts to enter my mom's. Then I remembered.. hers was a CP Gold Pass.

As for the add-ons, they are tied to the pass they were added to and not required to be entered at all. I've never entered the add-ons (in any app - including CP) and they all have always worked. The home park app is the only one that will show they exist though.

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Thanks for the update. Just wanted to confirm that is the way it works. Sounds like I am good although my Cedar Point app says gold pass. Maybe that will change in the new year...but it wouldn't be a problem if it didn't. Plan to go to Kings Island a few times next year so I thought I would add pass to their app. Hope to go to some other parks but I will just use my platinum pass card for them.

Just a little paranoid because I had lots or problems redeeming my season pass fast lane this year. I think it was because I previously had a platinum and switched to gold in 2020. They kept giving me a new pass and said it should work next time....never did. Finally got resolved when I sent an email to them explaining what was happening.

Then when I bought the platinum for 2022, the problem started again. Took another email to get it straight. Sounds like they have issues swapping pass types on the fast lane. Never had a problem with the dining plan though.

Ahh OK. I'd be concerned too if I dealt with all those types of problems. I've only had Platinum since it was first offered and thankfully never experienced any of those things. On another note, I've also learned there's really no need to use other parks apps if you have a platinum pass. They can scan your barcode off your CP app and it will still work. In fact, even though I do enter my passes into the CP app I really never use it. I just take screen shots of my family's pass QR codes from the app and just use those when entering. Much quicker and easier then messing with the apps (and less battery drag to boot).

If you have it just on the Cedar Point app it should work for all the passes (I also think it's easier just to leave it on one app rather than upload it to all of them). I go to school near Carowinds so always pull my pass up on the Cedar Point app whenever I need it there and have never ran into trouble.

That is absolutely true. I've used my CP app QR code successfully at King's Island, King's Dominion, and Carowinds this year alone. In 2019 it also worked at Canada's Wonderland and Knott's.

Our family did the same. Gold Pass with dining and drinks for 2020/21 and Platinum with dining and drinks for 2022. (We are hoping for a trip to Carowinds and Kings Dominion this coming summer.) We decided on a quick trip to KI for Halloweekends. No problem getting in as they accepted our Platinum for 2022. However the food and drink purchase wouldn't work. Probably looked like a fool in line saying we had the dining plan, but it wouldn't work. Ending up having to pay and graciously accepted the passholder discount. I tried to plead my case at the Customer Care Center and they kindly stated food and drink are only good for the year you purchase them for. Who would have thought. I figured with the "buy it now, use it now" plan for the Fall, it applied to everything. Nope! Went back and looked at the fine print and there it is "dining only valid for 2022." Call me a fool, but fair warning if you are planning on taking in Winterfest at KI, the upgrades won't work.

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