Prohibited from accessing Lake Erie at Hotel Breakers

We stayed at the hotel July 28th. The water was up higher towards the boardwalk. I wasn't too thrilled to have no access to the lake after paying $300 for the room. I got up early Saturday and they still wouldn't let you out there.

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If you want to go die in the lake that is your right I guess, but CP doesn't want to keep fishing dead patrons out of the surf so they close when its bad.

Video shared from the Pointbuzz Facebook page of what the beach looked like yesterday evening.

Missing: mile-long white sand beach. If found, please contact Cedar Point.

According to my Weather Channel app Friday, there was a beach warning posted due to high NE winds. Tony tweeted that afternoon that all beach activities would be canceled Friday night, I assume due to the warning. The winds have died down and it seems that the warning was lifted.

The park says that the beach may be closed due to weather, which it was the last day an a half, so I don't see any leverage you may have.

And the park/hotel told you what reason?

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