Processing a new season pass.

I used to work at Cedar Point years ago, and decided to get a new pass this year, because I also want to go to Canada's Wonderland, Kings Island, and perhaps Dorney Park. From what I remember there were days in April where people could process a pass at the park. I think their hours were something like 2-6pm or 3-7pm. (I just know it was in April and it was a short 4-5 hour time frame). Does anyone know about these or is it too early to know? - Lisa

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If you bought a Platinum Pass that’s good for entry at any park, I’m pretty sure you can process the pass at whichever park you go to first. Best way is to install the Cedar Point app on your phone and active you pass that way. We used to have to rely on processing our passes at CP in April when doing spring break trips to KD and Carowinds, but that isn’t necessary as of 2021.

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The first park will be Cedar Point. I think I would rather spend a little bit of time in Sandusky, just for old time sake. The paper cup drink plan (the one for $34.99 - is that for all of Cedar Fair, or just for Cedar Point?) - Lisa

It sounds like you have a platinum pass so the drink plan will work at any park. I was about to say it would not work for gold, but looking at the details, I'm not sure about that now.

The dining plan specifically says only valid at Cedar Point, (and has a higher price for platinum) while the drink options do not include that limitation. I thought you had to scan your pass for entry in order to activate the addons, not sure how that works if you're entering a different park without a pass.

So far, I have the platinum pass with the platinum dining plan. Either way, I will probably get the $34.99 drink pass. It doesn't say one way or the other whether it works just at Cedar Point or all Cedar Fair locations. If all else fails, just have some H2O when I go to the other Cedar Fair Parks. - Lisa

The Season Pass Center is not used to process Season Pass vouchers any more. From the Cedar Point FAQ website:

"Season Passes can be processed at any admission gate. Be sure to have your Season Pass voucher handy. We’ll take your photo at the turnstiles and hand you your physical card.

You may also add your Season Pass to the Cedar Point Mobile App and use it electronically. To do this in advance, you can:

Scan the barcode on your ticket voucher with the mobile app to add it to your app for park entry; or

Complete the online processing in advance at and add the pass to your online profile by typing in your 20-digit barcode."

Enjoy your 2023 season!

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Yes, gone are the days of taking a trip to the point to process your pass for the season. It’s more convenient now, for sure, but I do miss the traditional off-season trek. There was just something about standing in that line, waiting to get your picture taken, knowing that the season was just around the corner.

I agree with that. I‘d take a day and drive up, get my pass processed, then snag a meal in town somewhere. It was fun to be there and maybe catch a glimpse of whatever new attraction was getting ready to debut.
Now it seems all you have to be is a college graduate who knows how to check the information on the website for answers, lol.

Man... I was going to make a day trip of going to Sandusky. I was going to have lunch at one of the local restaurants, go to the local mall, process my pass, and then catch a baseball game in either Akron, Eastlake, or Cleveland on my way home. (I still might see the Colorado Rockies vs Indians - and yes, they're still the Indians...) Lisa

For the first time I park, do I just give them the platinum pass voucher (the printout)? - Lisa

Yes, at the tollbooths, they'll scan your paper voucher for the parking. I did that for 2021 and 2022. Then go to the ticket entrances and they'll take your picture and issue a pass.

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As an answer to the drink pass question, we have had Platinum Passes for years, and had the drink plan for the last three. The drink plan added to a Platinum Pass is good for all parks.

And yes, I do kind of miss the April trip to Sandusky to process the season pass. It was a nice diversion while waiting for the park to open for the season.

Smiley5129, another option for the drinks is the all-season bottle. I have a platinum pass, and I usually just go with the all-season bottle, as I usually rotate my visits between CP & KI, unless I’m going to a Cedar Fair Park out-of-state.

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I will add the drink pass the first time I’m up there, probably in early May. I think I will go up there to get my pass and simply walk around, especially frontier town / frontier trail (That was my favorite area when I worked there). If I do ride anything, it might the rides like the Iron Dragon, Gemini, and Cedar Downs.

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