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I can't seem to read or reply to some private messages. Especially of there is no subject line. But, there IS a message there for me, I just can't read or reply to it.

Any ideas?


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I have no idea. So, at the top in blue writing it says Private Messages(1)? I had one, once, all I did was click on it, then it took me straight to the message. I could reply or do whatever.


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It doesn't matter anymore, I deleted it. It was bugging me that I could see that it was there, but could not get to it. It was from Jugger...


Mayor, Lighthouse Point

im looking for a girl named deb who worked in grannys kitchen on the frontier trail.....this was back in the mid 70s, she is from morgantown WV...........can anyone out there tell me how i can find her? thru old CP records mabey?..............but who would i call?

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Certainly not by resurrecting a 6 year old thread that has nothing to do with finding old employees.

Your best bet is to start with Facebook and see if you can find her that way. I find it highly unlikely that Cedar Point would just release employee info to someone who calls them.

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