pricing of entrance?

well something my mother brought up was "why should i have to pay five
dollars more when i dont ride any more" meaning, for poeple that dont ride
the bigger and faster rides should they still have to pay such high prices
it getting to the point where my parents my no longer go to cedar point
cause its getting to rich for there blood. Do parks like cedar point need
to start varios prices for what you may ride? may be have an entrace fee like
kennywood, where you dont ride but get to go in and see the shows and such.
then for those that do ride have them where wrist bands? maybe a pass that
you could get to ride stuff like the ferriswheel and paddle wheel excursions
but not the thrill rides. do we need to go back to using tickets? I dont know
if withen the next few years i may also stop visiting cedarpoint couse of the
prices of the entrance,food,souvenirs its just getting to expensive for me.
as is i have to work six hours for entrance to cedar point, if it sometime hits
that i have to work over 8 hours to get into cedarpoint for a day i may stop
going there. any thoughts anyone?
I think that it would be a great idea to have a separate ticket price for people who just want to see the shows. Ticket prices may be high... But also when you think about it there is so much you can do there to get your money's worth. If you do just go to the shows for example, you get some great entertainment...and quite a variety. Some musical group concerts cost $10 and up, and you just get to see one group perform. Rides at Mall of America cost around 3.50 a ride, and they aren't even rollercoasters....I think if you think about can get your money's worth out of it if you try. I do though, very much think that having a separate fee for show goers would be a great idea!!


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I think that it is a great idea as well.

Cedar Point should have a non-rider pass or something of that nature. My mom has a very bad back and cant ride any of the rides. I dont think its right for CP to charge $38 dollars when that person isint even going to ride anything.
For those of you who know my past about shows. From what I've heard there are a lot of great shows at the park. If you don't like to ride you can easy spend a day watching the shows, spending time on the beach, or just cruising the midways. If you look at the $38 admission price that is pretty much the average price across the country for a single day admission to a park.

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I agree, it would be nice to buy like some sort of package for the day, for example, if you ride everything, you pay full price, and if you dont ride coasters, you pay a different price and there is a wrist band for each package. My father can no longer ride coasters, due to a stroke, but still loves the park, but now he wont go anymore due to the price of the admission, and not being able to ride alot of rides. But then on the other side of the coin, CP is known as the roller coaster park, and thats why the majority of the people go! So I guess its a catch 22.
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A non-rider ticket is an interesting option which CP had until around 1973(?)While I can understand the "nonriders" point. There is quite a bit to do at CP besides rides. The show are very good and entertaining, the Beach is the best on Lake Erie. Also, think about the opertation of the park if a non-rider ticket was offered... You would have to add quite a bit of staffing to check at enterance points for the admission badge or string. Overall CP is an outstanding value for the dollars, even the $2.00 pepsi.

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