Power Tower - 48 inches??

So, I was at the park today. While I was walking past Power Tower, I noticed that it had a red height stick. With having worked at Cedar Point in the past, I am familiar with the red is 48 inches, yellow is 52 inches, and green is 54 inches heigh sticks. In years past, Power Tower has had a 52 height requirement. When did this change, or is this new for this year? Just wondering... - Lisa

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I noticed that when they went from hydraulic to the ratcheting restraints. Definitely no later than 2021, but could have been 2020 (I did not get a chance to ride that year, forget why but it was probably nothing significant)

Until then It was 52” since it opened I believe. Refreshing since usually the height requirements go up if there are adjustments.

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I haven't ridden it in a couple of years. I was going to yesterday (that's when I noticed the height stick was red), but I ran out of time. Maybe sometime this summer, I will... - Lisa

Millenium Force's went down once upon a time. It was initially 54" before being lowered to 48".

I actually knew that. There is an old video about the day in the life of Cedar Point, from early morning to late evening. They showed a clip of Millenium Force, and the ride host has a green height stick. - Lisa

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