Possible to Upgrade Pointbuzz to Live Chat?

Has there been a discussion on starting a live chat on Pointbuzz? Would it cost a lot of money to upgrade software, etc?

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Jeff would do it for free I'm sure.

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My question would be - Why?

1 - what is gained via live-chat that isn't available by just posting on the message board?

2 - who is going to moderate it? Any unmoderated live chat usually degrades into indecipherable noise very quickly.

I guess I could see hosting a Q&A live chat if they could get someone from the park, but why build that into PointBuzz itself when there are other methods (skype for one) that do the job better for free?

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I guess I'd rather not have to go to another site to to start a chat. I suppose you could have a program where the starter of the chat gets to moderate. Just an idea. Maybe there could be a daily or weekly chat about a specific topic(s). Do you know if anyone on here has a weekly chat about Cedar Point (not a podcast)? I like the idea of having someone from the park on for a weekly chat. I wish Cedar Point would have one on their site, but they don't. The weekly chat could be posted later in the evening for people to review and refer to for future chats. I think it would make a great addition to what we already enjoy.

Raptor Chris

Raptor 2000 and 2001
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You can post your IM names in your profile, and if you want to contact people that way, knock yourself out. :) I have zero interest in offering a chat service.

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