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What is the deal with all the pop up ads? I can browse the internet for a week and not get a single pop up until I get to pointbuzz. I understand the need for advertising and fully support that but enough with the pop ups already. One is annoying but is not really a big deal I suppose but I get one every single link I click on. I just went through the newest photo update, which is great by the way, and ended up with 21 pop up windows.
Funny thing is they don't even work each one comes up with a Page Load Error, Network Timeout.
If that is the way it has to be then I guess its better than having to wait through ads like over at coasterbuzz and I'm glad there are not the really annoying "congradulations you just won an ipod" ads.
I'm certainly not trying to be a jerk so please don't take this the wrong way. I've been coming here for years and enjoy the site just not the pop ups.

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If you've really been coming here for years, you'll know that this topic comes up every so often and always ends well....

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21? Really?

I'm trying really hard, but I can't come up with any more than one popunder while going through the photo gallery.

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I just went through the off-season photos as well, and I did not encounter any pop-ups at all. Perhaps you've got something else going on with your comprooder.

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On my laptop every time I clicked the next or previous buttons I got a pop-up. Actually I got one for every single link I clicked on. I tried again this morning on my work computer and only got one when I clicked log in using the exact same FF3 configuration so I don't know... Looks like its on my end. Keep up the good work.

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One sounds about right. Maybe two at most. I tend to only get one, once every 24 hours per comprooder.

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I usually get them whenever I browse to PB or CB, even with the same browser window, but its only when I re-browse to it. If I leave the window open with either site and just go to it periodically, I have no problems. If I go to other sites and then back, I get another pop-up (or the countdown ad).

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