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Has anyone used this perk yet? I just renewed and printed off my fastlane passes but saw nothing about the bring a friend tickets. It was advertised but didn't say how to get them. Does it just show up on your pass when you go to the ticket window that you get one free if it's Sunday?

I called the park yesterday about this. You take your pass to any ticketing window and the friend ticket will be printed for you.

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Thanks, that's what I suspected.

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You had an option to print your fast lane?

I took advantage of both deals this past Sunday. Yes, they print out the bring-a-friend ticket for you and give you the wristband for fast lane plus.

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^^When you print out your pass renewal confirmation the fastlane voucher is on it with directions to present it at any ticket window or designated fastlane sales location to get your bands.

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Thanks for the info. When i renewed, I don't recall there being anything to print out. There were just instructions to go to the ticket window to collect your FL. Maybe they changed it after. I renewed mine ASAP when they went on sale.

Yeah, mine just said to go to any FL purchase location and get our bracelets (which we did) but it doesn't say anything about the free ticket, so now I'm worried I renewed too soon and they added that after I renewed. Guess I'll find out when I try to use it.

Sunday we used the WindSeeker entrance. The ticket booth told us to go straight to the gate and there they pushed a button to let our guest in free.
We didn't have any paperwork or message on our pass papers either.

When using these free (or any) Bring a friend tickets, does your friend get to enter the park at Early Entry with you?

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