Platinum Pass?

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This is the first year that I am getting a platinum pass and was wondering when it should come in the mail, if it comes in the mail at all.

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It does not come in the mail. You get a voucher when you order it online. Print out the voucher or pull it up on your phone when you go to the season pass center to process it. Then you will get your card.

I'm gonna piggyback on this question. Last fall during HalloWeekends I upgraded my Season pass and paid in full at the park to get Platinum benefits the rest of 2016. I didn't get a voucher or a new Platinum pass. My Season pass scanned as a Platinum pass for parking, discounts, etc. We then renewed my son's Season pass and upgraded to a Platinum pass for 2017 but on the payment plan. Will we get renewed Platinum passes in the mail? Or should we expect vouchers in the mail?

Thabto -

They don't send anything in the mail. You should probably call or email the park.

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