Plan for Cedars Dorms land?

Is there anything on the land this year? I know a couple years ago they had the monster trucks. Assume those aren’t back? It will be interesting to see what happens to that piece of land...

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As of this past Sunday, nothing was on site except dirt and twigs.

If the park is smart, they will either use that land for another hotel, restaurant, or move the celebration plaza stage over there and put a flat ride or 2 where the stage and bleachers are now.

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Yeah just flipping that stage by 180 would make it a much better situation.

Move the road back a bit and give some good backstage area and you could do some really cool things. Also making it so you can access the backstage space from outside the park means you can move equipment to and from the stage much easier and be able to load in groups and events so much easier.

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