Physics week

I was planning on going Wednesday May 17th, but notice that is science week at the park. Does it get crowded? I could possibly go the next week.

Also I saw Wednesday is one of the busiest days of the week according to the q & a. Is that accurate? Doesn't seem logical to me, but I've always gone on Tuesdays.

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Yes, it can get pretty crowded during the day but as the field trips leave, it will be better.

Yeah there is definitely a bump in the amount of people during that week. Not just science kids, I remember my school offering a CP trip for senior year. My class voted against it. Shame on them. It's quite a hike from Rochester so it's no wonder so many buses are in the lot during May.

Great business for CP though. Many of these kids will take their family's someday. I don't think waiting a week will help either. Get a Fast Pass, they will be pretty cheap and none of the kiddies will have them either.

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