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I am going into the photos to see some of the new pics and none of them will come up. All the links are x. Is someone working on it or is my brower messed up. Thanks

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Jeff, it looks like the photos button across the top is pointing to the new photo gallery, except from cpplace.aspx, it's pointing to the old gallery.aspx page.
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When viewing the forums, the link to Photos directs you to the older photo gallery that is not being used anymore. If you want to view the photo gallery, you can click the Photos link from the main page or just visit

2007 - Wicked Twister
2008 - Wicked Twister
2009 - (Walt Disney World) Space Mountain/Tomorrowland Speedway

yeah, that's the same for me. that new link doesn't work either..hmm..

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^ - there is no "new" link on most of the pages. The only one that's been updated so far is the front page link to photos.

Goodbye MrScott


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See, and people wonder why I never want to change anything on the "old" site. :)


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thanks jeff. I just wanted to bring that to peoples attention. Thanks again

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