Photo Approved?¿?¿?¿

Hey ya'll has any1 else seen the mnessage under the browse for photo thingy in your profile that says Photo Approved? No, and whats it mean, and how to you get your photo approved, thankx!

(i lil bit off subject here)
And if any1 was wondering hwo i did the upside down ?, its simple you just push down alt and hold and push 168 in the keypad with number lock on or off.LOL.

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First off, make your sig three lines or less. Second, using upside down question marks really isn't very cute. Spell out your words.

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i wasn't asking for your opinion on how i type stuff, and what my signature is, and O you said to spell out my words

First off, make your sig three lines or less.
and i wasn't asking for you to be a jerk about it, i was just asking a question about what photos approved mean,s your a real jerk jeff!!!
Let's play the TOS game at (You remember that thing you didn't read but clicked "I agree" anyway?)

You agree to use proper grammar and spelling in the forums.

By posting on the forums you are agreeing to the TOS, which means that if you don't follow them you can be asked to leave (or be removed from) the site.

Before the merger that created Pointbuzz, there was a snippett in the TOS about signatures being 3 lines or less, but I can't find it now.

This is Jeff and Walt's house. As a guest here at least try to follow their rules, eh? If you screw up, you screw up- everyone does occasionally. But if somebody calls you on your screw ups you've got a few options: Say "sorry" and don't do it again, leave and not come back, or say "screw you" and keep on doing it anyway. Only one of those will lead to your account still being active on this site. I'll let you guess which one it is.

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