We are debating on bringing our dog with us since we'll be staying in lighthouse point but I can't find much info on the petchek. Does anyone know how it works, what it costs etc?

Briguy -

Just thought I'd toss in a reply to the PetChek - and I agree, I couldn't find much info online prior to when we visited.

Our experience was great. The facilities are pretty spartan - concrete floors and chainlink fencing of the kennels. Staff was friendly. We brought in toys and a bed for our dog.

PetCheck is located just outside the gate near Blue Streak. It was really easy to head out a couple of times to check on our dog, and take her for a walk and to let her eat. Nice area for walking, as it's right next to the marina.

I would use PetCheck over a local kennel, as it gives you the opportunity to take your pet out as often as you/they would need.

ice -

Since they don’t take reservations, what do you do if you arrive with your dog and they are full? It’s not like you can put your dog back in the car, and if you are traveling from out of state you wouldn’t be familiar with any local boarding kennels.

Cargo Shorts -

1. Get there early so it is not an issue.
2. Do some research on a couple of local kennels as a backup.

Shane Denmark -

Does it fill up/sell out? How many animals can they handle? I imagine this is mostly used by people at Lighthouse Point.

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Though this isn't a guarantee, I got there in the middle of the day on a Saturday in July with 2 dogs and they were not full. But I have 2 smaller dogs so they were able to go on a smaller cage and didn't need a larger run. I plan on using it again this year. I did forget to leave my leashes though, so I had to go all the way to the car before coming back to walk them the first time. I don't recommend doing that lol.
I brought a towel for the bottom of the cage and their bed. I think they provided a bowl with water. My dogs were stressed there, but they are that way in any kennel situation. I second making sure your dog has had the Bordetella vaccine in addition to DHLPP and Rabies and is current on flea preventatives.
I would guess there's room for 20-ish dogs, though the larger runs are limited to maybe like 5?

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I prefer to board my dog locally when I travel but I have a local mom and pop kennel I trust and she is let out serveal times a day to run in the yard and play with the other dogs.. Whatever you do make sure you current with all vaccines and the optional bordatella.

Keep in mind the closing time of one hour after park closes. That may limit your ability to get a late ride in on Steel Vengeance as the park doesn’t cut off the que until park close.

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From their website

Where can my pet stay while I'm in the park?

Although you're welcome to bring your pet on the property, pets are not permitted inside the park. That's where Pet Chek comes in, located near the Bay Harbor Restaurant across from the bus lot.

For just $15 per animal, per day, your pet will be provided a cage or run, dry dog food and fresh water. Owners may return to feed their pet throughout the day. Overnight lodging is not available.

Please note that our staff does not walk, handle or provide special care or feeding times for pets. Reservations not accepted.

Pet Chek is open one hour prior to park opening till one hour past park closing. Open 5 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. on HalloWeekends Fridays.

Gabby691 -

Thanks, that's what I was looking for. On the page I was looking at all it said was it was available for a nominal fee but didn't have any details about it.

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