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Just trying to be there any parking close to Pet Chek that allows you to stay parked there all day? Or is the main front lot the closest one that lets you stay without having to move your vehicle after dropping the dogs off?
Side question: Does anyone know if they check IDs or have any verification for who gets to walk/remove your pet from Pet Chek? I'm a little paranoid about someone stealing my pups, not that I think anyone would actually want my hooligans lol

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You can get fairly close if you park in the "south basin" lot. Once you go through the tollbooths, just get as far left as you can and put on your left blinker as if you're going to the waterpark. Look for an opening on the left side (there are a few) as you drive along Perimeter Road next to the main lot. Go as far up as you can without the passing the "no parking past this point" sign. At that point, you're fairly close to Pet Check. Once you drop the pet, you can cross at the crosswalk and walk along preferred parking to get to the front gate. Or you can take the longer walk along the edge of the marina lot down to the marina gate.

No idea on the check in/out of pet check. I've never used the service.

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Thank you very much! Sounds like that's the perfect place to park.

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To follow up on this, you can also go in the Marina entrance and they give you a 15 minute parking ticket for your window to drop off and pick up directly in front of the Pet Chek. The process was easy. My dogs were allowed to be in a cage together. You fill out brief paperwork. I brought them a towel and their bed since they do not provide any bedding. The attendant was quick to provide them with a water bowl. Most dogs seemed pretty chill in there, though a few were barking.
You do have to walk your own dog, and I am an idiot and did not bring their leashes with me into CP, so I had to go all the way back to the car for them before walking them, so just something to think about. I would imagine they typically would let you leave their leashes at Pet Chek so you don't have to carry them in the park all day, but I didn't think about it when I had dropped them off. I had a backpack with me so it wasn't a big deal to carry them around for the day after I went back to get them.
No ID was asked for when picking up or walking them, but they do ask you for the pet's name that you are taking out, so I guess it is a little more secure because most people won't know your dog's names.
Anyway, I would use the facilities again if I needed to. Very easy and convenient if your dog is used to being kenneled.

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