Passholder Preview Night 2017?

Will there be a passholder preview night on opening weekend this year (May 5, 2017) or is the only one on Friday of Memorial Day weekend for Cedar Point shores?

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It was announced at Chillout yesterday that the only preview night will be for CPS.

Janeen Harris -

The news of NO opening weekend preview night(ride side only, on Friday) probably miffs a few people. That refers to the pass-holders, biting the bullet & dealing with OSU alumni(as in past years). That day has been paid & reserved by them, and it's fine.I suspect there are many in that 'group'(not OSU alumni) and have already booked(and paid for) on-site accommodations checking in 5/5, planning to get in park, with passes. I've booked 'that weekend' in the past, mildly un-happy, but dealt with it. I'm glad I opted out this year. And I don't have to sit and watch with jealous envy.

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