Parking by CPS Resort Entrance

I know this has been discussed but I see it answered both ways, so I was hoping to get a definitive answer. I heading to CP tomorrow for my once a year visit and unlike other years where I’ve gone in mid-May, I’ll be going when the water park is open. So the question is: do they restrict parking by Cedar Point Shores only for those that will be going to CPS or is it open for everybody? I know that it doesn’t open until 9:30 but don’t want to drive back there only to be told to turn back around. Thanks for the help!

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If you're going after 9:30, you can park back there.

If you're trying to get to the back entrance for early entry to make it to Steel Vengeance, just park up front and allow 15-20 minutes to walk the boardwalk to the back entrance by 9AM. It's really a nice walk once you exit the parking lot. You can move your car to the back later on if you desire.

Don’t count on parking back there until CP Shores opens. They built a nice boardwalk that runs from the main lot near GateKeeper along the beach. Park in the regular lot and walk the Boardwalk to the Resort Gate if that’s where you want to enter.

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