Parking at Shores water park?

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I’m visiting Cedar Point this upcoming weekend, and I’d prefer to park at the Shores parking lot. If I’m not in a resort or visiting Shores am I allowed to do this? Also, can student ID tickets be purchased at the resort gate ticket counter?

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Not if you're planning on getting there before 9:30 AM. That lot is gated shut until then and you will have to park in the front.

The lot was open this weekend

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Yes, after 9:30. At least, that's the official policy. You wouldn't want to drive all the way back there and have it be locked up.


Last year the lot was good anytime until Shores opened for the season. Then they changed it.
I think that’s right. All I remember for sure is all the crying.

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On Saturday we assumed that was the policy, so I parked in front and walked back there, but the lot was open at 7:45 when I arrived. On Sunday it was the same deal at 8:45.

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