Besides parking in the main lot, is the next best option to park at the water park entrance? I'd like to get as close to the back of the park as possible but entering near the Magnum only seems like "half-way". I have a Platinum Pass with free parking..

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The Magnum entrance is the closest entrance to the back, so if you can park back there, that's your best bet. I'd heard that they weren't letting cars back there prior to 9:30, but I was able to do it during my last trip, so it's worth a shot. Otherwise you can park in the main lot and walk back there via the boardwalk.

Urumqi -

It's possible the "no parking in the back until 9:30" policy has become laxer now that Ohio kids are back in school; they even let us park at the Breaker's parking lot yesterday around 12:30pm.

Jeremy2535 -

Kind of dumb to have an early admission policy for platinum passholders but not allow them to park in the other lot...

Dvo -

Not when you're trying to keep parking available for guests who are spending money to go to the water park. Passholders can still walk back to all park entrances from the main lot, or just walk back through the park itself.

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