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Hello. This is kind of a silly question, but I'm curious. My kids really enjoy the costume contest, and have had the opportunity to ride in the parade a few times. We are akways greeted by a gentleman who puts the kids either in one of the little cars or on a wagon. I was wondering if anyone could tell me who this person is? He seems to be in charge of the parade. Also, does anyone know how the judging works? Do the characters really each choose a winner or is the judge actually one of the other employees at the show? Just curious how it works.

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Well, I know that the costume contest is judged by the characters / the host of the program. It is usually a group consensus but sometimes the host will just pick. I am not sure who loads the kids, but if it is the director of the parade it might be Dan Demming(sp?) who is the tech director for the parade.

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It used to be (so not sure if it still is) Herbe Donald who is the Manager of Live Entertainment who loaded the kids. He was also the one who assisted with the costume contest and he had the deciding vote. Though the Characters and Host hd votes if there was any tie he cast the deciding vote.

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Of course the Peanuts each pick their favorite! =) Herbe is the one that helps walk the contest winners to their antique cars & up until 2014 "JT" (the host) would also help the children to the hay wagon. What did your kids dress up as? I might remember them! (If they visited between 1999-2014 lol) Such great memories! <3

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