So I happened to be online last night (July 12) around 7 p.m., and thought I'd check the webcam to see if I could see any of the parade.

The camera was trained on the midway, but I didn't see the parade go through. Does it not go through every night? Or was it delayed for some reason? Thanks!

Was yesterday the power outage? Or lingering (or oncoming) lightning or weather?

Yeah, yesterday was the power outage, the parade was on schedule though. Wednesday was the weather, parade was delayed by about 10-15 mins. I wasn't there on the 12th, so I cant say if it was delayed, but it does take a while for the parade to make it to the main midway, maybe it just hadn't gotten there yet.

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Yeah, maybe! I'll just have to learn to be patient I guess. :-) Thanks for the info!

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