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I've been experiencing a problem lately where a refresh of a page seems to take a very long time - sometimes a minute or more. Clicking links seems to be immune to this issue, though I'm not completely sure on that.

I've noticed that when it is hanging, my status bar indicates that its waiting for Google Analytics.

I'm running Firefox 3.5, and the only add-on I have running is AdBlock Plus 1.1.

Thanks in advance!


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I use Googlw Chrome and it is working fine. I noticed on Internet Explorer is ussaly slow! Firefox always works fine for me though.

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^^ - check the FAQ forum on Coasterbuzz. Someone there was having the same problem with Google Analytics and it seemed to be cured by a FF update.

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Didn't 3.5.1 just come out... like yesterday?


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OK, so an update to 3.5.1 fixed the issue, so far as I can tell. Thanks, John. :)


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