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Anyone able to offer any historical perspective on Halloweekends opening weekend? We've never gone that early before, and are considering taking my son (who is 3) for his first Great Pumpkin Fest. Is opening weekend usually pretty jammed, or does it get busier the closer you get to Halloween? Also - do they usually have things up and running as far as the shows and attractions, or is it usually a work in progress that early? Any advice is appreciated.

The first weekend you can expect a few haunts not being fully staffed and some decorations still being put out . Pretty much all of the kids stuff should be up and running though. The weather will be your biggest crowd indicator.

I'll piggyback here... I know nobody has a crystal ball but historically, how are crowds & weather on CLOSING weekend? I know those 2 are usually directly related; good weather = big crowds, bad weather = small crowds. But is it usually one way over the other?

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Usually closing day isn't bad at all. It ranges from average to ghost town.

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This will be my 8th consecutive year going to Halloweekends opening weekend (it's the only time I can go since I work Kings Island's Haunt). We've always been fortunate to have decent weather (except for last year I think it was) and while the park is somewhat busy, even with Pointfest occurring the same weekend it's nowhere near as bad as it can be. We've been able to get everything in that we want over the course of the weekend.

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Typically, the opening Friday isn't too bad. Last year was a bit busier due to Mean Streak's closing and funeral. Personally I stay away from all Saturdays during Halloweekends and the the entire Columbus Day weekend.


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It sucks that the haunts are never fully staffed the first few weekends. My friend told me all these people apply to be screamsters but bail out and never come to work or quit after the first weekend. Thus leaving the haunts understaffed and with less scare experience. People come to pay for the day at the park only to be disappointed. Why would you apply then decide not to work? Don't apply to be a screamster then. I usually like to go in Oct anyway, but I feel for people who go earlier and my friends who can only go in sept.

A couple of years ago, I applied to be a screamster. Hell, I would have done it for free, and I told them so! My only caveat was that I could work every Weekend, one night per weekend, due to my having a full time career.

I was told I had to work three nights per weekend, so I advised them to find someone else. Beggars can't be choosers.

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I worked 2013 and found I easy to get the job. I think I took one weekend off but didn't have any problems doing so. It is hard to staff the houses.

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I've always had enjoyable closing/last operating day luck. The crowds we experienced we minimal. We've always made it a special occasion, and stayed at Hotel Breakers. I guess, maybe we consider it our last rites of the operating season in a way. A few years ago, CP had a sign up for dibs on last rides of favorites on closing day. We wanted MF & got it. Either way, go have fun! Under-staffed...YES, but still very tolerable & enjoyable!

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cptedsdisciple2 said:

I was told I had to work three nights per weekend, so I advised them to find someone else. Beggars can't be choosers.

I don't know who you talked to, but that's definitively not true. If you ask to do a zone, it's a minimum of just 1 night per weekend (but 2 nights is definitely preferred.) People in the indoor houses are asked to work at least 2 of the 3 days.

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I remember walking through Hexed last year and there was absolutely no screamsters/actors in it. Very disappointing.

Unrelated, but did they bring back the additional skeleton key rooms for this year along frontier trail? Those were pretty fun.

We didn't do them, but I did see the Skeleton Key rooms set up. Not sure if they're the same spots as last year or not.

Coasterguy15, you probably went during Hexed Spellbound, which has no screamsters in the day. It's basically a warm up for kids to see the real thing later that night.

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I'd like that one.

Hexed Spellbound was really fun for our group opening weekend. 2 families with kids ages 3, 3, 6 and 10. The kids loved it.

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