Opening Day Fight

Yes, two different counties. Happens a lot in Ohio.

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"Your sister puts SVen wheels on backwards!"

<punch to the face>

"Your persiflage does not amuse. " - Ralph (from Around the world in 80 days)

"Your sister calls Steel Vengeance Sven!"

<punch to the face>

Kevinj said:
But is it really that limited? And they have. This year they have offered discounted ways to visit the park during this early time (the Michigan deal, Wild Card, etc...).

I've always thought of the entire month of May as a soft-opening; from rides to concessions. It's always fun talking to the new workers...their faces so bright and full of wonder before July sets in ;)

Weekdays in May are one of the most wonderful times to visit the park...even with only the blue side of Gemini being open, and a bartender who needs help learning how to perfectly pour a beer, and wheels put on the coasters incorrectly.

I’d still say yes, it is more limited this time of the year compared to June when things are in full swing (hence why I am in agreeance that May is considered more of a soft opening). Shows aren’t available, longer wait times, less game and food stands open (yes I understand those you pay extra for).

However, this year does seem to be different as I am: #1) fully aware of the discounts offered for early in the season, which is the first time that this has been introduced that I can recall. And #2) Despite the staffing levels we all know about, I’d say opening day was more successful than the past in terms of all rides being ready. A lot of guests left early, but by 5 o’clock, everything was up and running.

Kevinj said:

Weekdays in May are one of the most wonderful times to visit the park...

On Thursday morning we went in the Marina gate at 9AM. In the first 90 minutes we rode front row Valravn twice, and Millineum Force twice, then went down Frontier trail for one ride on Maverick and another on Skyhawk. That's more than a lot of people get to do in an entire day in July!


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