Only 30 short years ago...

Stumbled upon this video. In it you will see things most of you remember and held close to your heart including Demon Drop, Kid Arthurs court, Avalanche Run, Space Spiral, the midway carousel in its original building (by the Mill Race), Iron Dragon in its debut year, the Western Cruise, and even Jungle Larry's Tiger show! Enjoy!

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Midway Carousel sounds great.

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Demon Drop sounds great.

Mill Race sounds great!

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Guess we will never know what happens to that third string.

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I'm a frayed knot.

I'm trying to figure out why they are playing the themes for Star Trek and Rocky during the cat show. :)

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Even better, I'm trying to figure out why the Calypso as we knew it at the 2:13 mark, was stripped of all its glory later on? Electricity costs? That sure was a nice looking ride for its time.

Flash gets old, broken, it's difficult to paint, etc. The same thing happens to portables over the years from constant set up/tear down.
I think it's a shame, as usually the repairs or redesigns are unsatisfactory to me.

There were lots of cute and elaborate details to those '70 flats that eventually eroded away. I'm thinking of Bayern Kurve, Schwabinchen, Super Himalaja, Wildcat, and Calypso. Calypso 1 from the 60's was transformed into Tiki Twirl 1, which was ok, but the new sparkling Calypso was just down the midway spinning away. They were clearly the same ride, but one was the older and less pretty step sister.

unreal this was only 30 years ago... I woulda loved to try the demon drop!

You can still try it.

Just have to drive a few hours East to Allentown PA

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Don't waste your time, if you like your spine.

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I got to ride several of those 1st gen drop rides and I can honestly say that Demon Drop was the smoothest, least jolting ride of them all. The one at Geauga was particularly bad.

It had already been moved when I made my last visit to Dorney, but the weather was bad and I didn't get to ride it. I can't say how it's fared since.

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30 years ago featuring CP&LE morning train start up.

Odd seeing the Giant Wheel on the "wrong" side of the park.

Thanks, Kyle

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Where was that B&O Caboose? I never knew there were 2 sets of tracks by the Funway Station at one time.

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Captain Hawkeye said:
Odd seeing the Giant Wheel on the "wrong" side of the park.

Thanks, Kyle

Great video! I last worked in the park 40 years ago this summer. Due to career taking me everywhere except northere Ohio, I've not been back inside the park in over 30 years. I'm finally visiting again next month!! It will be weird for me to see the GIant Wheel on what to me is the "wrong" side of the park!

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We didn't get to hear what the bartender said tot he 3rd will I sleep tonight knot knowing?

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I love watching old Cedar Point videos. It's crazy how much the park has changed. I wonder what it will look like in 30 years. Will Millennium Force be gone? I can't even imagine...

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