One trivia question

Actually, what got me thinking about this was the thread regarding the string and metal clip that CP used to give you when you paid the one price admission.

When you got the string, you also got a stamp. At the time, CP only had two different sets of stamps and they would alternate days.

Your question is: What did the stamps say?

Duane Cahill
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I know one said "Cork"

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I'm thinking you made that up, just waiting for the obvious reply...

Next contestant, please?

Duane Cahill
Did either of them have DIOV on them like they do now?
No sir, that too would be incorrect.

I'm waiting for Tim, Dave or Gemini to chime in on this one...

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Must be time for a hint...

Each was a three-letter word. Put together, it was (I believe) the name of the all-day pass.

Duane Cahill
Is one FUN and one DAY?
Ding ding ding ding!!!

We have a winner!

Thanks for playing, please pick up your valuable prizes on your way out the door...

Duane Cahill
What do the stamps say now?
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I know one of the stamps today say KING. Yea for me I won :).
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Oh, yep, I was kidding! Uh huh, sure!! ;) I guess it might pay to be a little bit more observant!
Sorry, I am young enough that I never went to Cedar Point without a P-O-P admission. Someone asked why handstamps (not just at Cedar Point) use the word, "DIOV". It might make more sense if you realize the the "D" is flopped left-to-right on the stamp. That way, if you rub your stamp off onto someone else's hand, it won't say "DIOV" anymore, instead it will describe its own condition..... --Dave Althoff, Jr.
That doesn't make any sense though. I mean any word would do that. Except for MOM and some other words.
CP uses DIOV becuase when it is rubbed off onto someone elses hand it spells "VOID".
When I worked with admissions, I don't remember any of the stamps saying "DIOV" but I know that one says CORN!!! That's my favorite one!

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