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I don't know if this has been brought up but, does anyone know if there is going to be a on ride photo? If so where would it be and would the cost be as outrageous as all of the other rides photos? Hopefully they will have one i wan't to remember the face i make going down that hill for the rest of my life!!!!
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Would you pass up the opportunity to sell photos for $8.50 a piece to people who are all jazzed about riding the biggest coaster in the world?
No I wouldnt pass that oppurtunity up. Just asking if they can produce high quality photos at that speed ? I don't have any expertise in taking pictures so I don't have a clue.
With technology these days I guess anything is possible. I would love to see a photo of me on a coaster while going over 90 miles an hour. Maybe they could even put the camera going down the first hill. That would be funny to see other peoples faces, especialy the ones who only went on MF because a friend forced them to!;)
what would be really cool is if they would have a video camera in front of your seat and taped the whole ride of you on it and you could buy it
i'll take two!
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All it takes to produce the images is a video camera, and not even a great one at that. CCD's in most cameras are sensitive enough to capture even the fastest image and feeze it. I know my images on Raptor and Magnum look like still shots, and that's fast. I'm guessing that the most logical (read: least expensive) location for the on-ride will be coming out of the second tunnel as the train turns past the station.
The onride photo will most likely be neer the end of the roller coaster and not off the first drop because that is way to fast to freeze a picture unless they baught like a very expensive on ride phone but other wise you would have to be slowing down
My guess is that the onride photo will be taken on the bunny hill after the second tunnel. I know that you can't see the hill in the layout pictures that are currently available. The bunny hill will be right next to the station. I don't think that you will find the camera on the island. One of the orginal spots for the Magnum camera was the second drop. When you ride Magnum and you sit in the front seat you can see the trigger for the camera is still connected to the track. The trains were going too fast and they could not take good pictures.

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I think it will either be on at the bottom of the hill going on the island or the one coming from the island.
It will probably be right after the third hill going into the second tunnel. It wouldn't be to fast or to slow for it to be a lame picture. It still might be on the bunny hop but I don't know because i don't know how fast it will be going at that point.
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A video camera CAN freeze motion at 90mph.

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