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I am looking to find an old photo that was taken of us in an off season tour. I can’t remember the year. It was before winter chill out started. We took the picture back at mean streak. After the little tour we went to Chet and Matt’s for pizza. I can’t find these pics and don’t know if anyone might have them or in an archive somewhere. Thanks

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I think this is the gallery you're looking for:


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Wow! That is an old one. My wife and I are in the group folder. My wife has some cool moose ears! Thank you for posting this. boy have things changed since then.

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I especially like the pictures of good ole' Mean Streak. The amount of lumber involved in that rides' construction is astounding.

My gosh, I still had some hair back then.

I thought this was the one I attended. I was a guest of Mike Roberts, and he was so kind to invite me, but I pretty much hated it. It was bitter cold and there wasn’t much to see besides flats in pieces and tubs or trains in places where they didn’t belong. And Boneville on foot. The photos depict the attendees in the infield of Maverick. I busted my ass slipping down the icy metal spiral stairs to get from the station to there. (We left through a gate.) I called it the Behind the Bushes Tour.
The Pizza party afterwards was warm and tasty. The weather for the drive home that night was icy and treacherous. My usual 2.5 turned into 3.5.
I’m in the group photo, back row, with the yellow CP hat under my hood. I’m also shown from behind, right up front in photo 4.

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