Off Property Hotel Recommendation?

I'm looking for hotel recommendations, other than Cedar Point owned properties, in the Sandusky area. I'm searching for something that is clean, relatively modern, and suitable for a small family (2 adults, 2 kids). Also something that is under $100 per night is preferred.

I know there are plenty of reviews online for each hotel but I'm finding mixed reviews at a lot of places so I thought I'd ask for some feedback from the group.

We will not be spending much time in the room (it will just be an overnight stay this time around) so it doesn't have to be anything lavish, but at the same time I'm not looking for anything sketchy either. I have looked at the Breakers Express but would like some other options to consider as well.

Thanks in advance for your help!

noggin -

I've stayed at the Maples Motel several times. It's an old school motel. It's clean, convenient and affordable.

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I am bumping this thread up just to see if anyone else has any recommendations. This will be the first time in 20 years of going to Cedar Point I will be looking to need an overnight stay in Sandusky. I initially had booked the Econolodge South Sandusky on Milan Road but cancelled it about a half hour later after reading some more reviews. Ideally I'd stay at Express Hotel, but I have a Platinum Pass so if I can cut the room cost in half by staying somewhere 10 minutes out I absolutely would love to do that.

Cargo Shorts -

2 years ago we spent a night at the Quality Inn Milan, just down 250 past Kalahari. Nothing fancy but was clean and had a decent free breakfast. Eggs, sausage , potatoes, waffle iron, bagels, cereal etc. The hallway smelled of fresh paint which I didn’t mind becuase they at least do maintenance. Was $80 mid July. More like 25 minutes however.

Brendan71388 -

Last summer I stayed at the Seacrest Motel in town. It was somewhere around $80/night through I believe. Very basic but very nice. Extremely friendly owners and very clean room. Nothing fancy but perfect for a place to shower and sleep. We'll be staying there again this year.

I've stayed at the Howard Johnson North, which is right by the park entrance. Very basic but clean. Like you said, it's just a stay, you're not there to hang out in the room. They had really good bakery style donuts for the freebreakfast.

We liked it well enough that I booked it for my trip this Friday.

thedevariouseffect -

This just got shut down by the police lmao

Brendan71388 -

I thought it was the other HoJo that was shut down? Either way it's been 3 years since I stayed there and I wasn't planning on going back. It wasn't terrible but we found a better place.

I would still suggest Breakers Express. You will get the lowest rates on tickets, and will get in 1 hour early. Try using the promotional code MOVIE on the nights you are interested in to see if you can get it cheaper. Right now they are running the ride and refresh in May which includes tickets and a drink wristband good for unlimited drinks. At about $4 a drink or $11 a souvenir cup this would save it least $44 plus you would not have to carry the cups around all day.

An example is $287 including taxes for Friday May 15th. So $100 for the room and $46.75 per person for admission plus unlimited drinks inclusive of taxes.

Non-park hotels I would suggest looking at Choice hotels website as they have many options in the area.

The Motel 6 in Milan on 250 near the Turnpike. Here now 38.99 a night. Cheap and clean.

I've had no problems with the Knights Inn. Basic, but I'm going to the park, not a motel room.

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I'm posting this from the Comfort Inn in Huron and I think it's nice.

Wayne B -

Is that the old Rivers Edge Inn? If so, that is a nice area and not far from the park. We've stayed there 3 times so far and have enjoyed it. Neat view down the coastline of CP too.

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